A Kidney Update and Thoughts


Good morning.  I am going to be going to an appointment this morning (11 am) so I do not have a lot of time to talk this morning.  I am doing just fine and wondering what my appointment entails as far as a fistula placement for hemodialysis is the future.  As far as how well my biopsy went on Monday, October 31, 2016, the preliminary results showed that my kidney has worsened a little bit since Feb 1 from my first biopsy but Dr. D does not foresee me being on dialysis in two months but definitely in the next year though.  I am okay with that.  My kidney has had a good long run and I am ok with everything that is happening right now.  I am no longer overwhelmed with everything that has been going on since August 2015 when I had learned that my kidney was starting to show that it is beginning to slow down.  My mom and I, she was my first kidney donor on March 12, 1988, are ok with the idea that my kidney is slowing down.  She just told me last year when my first biopsy was scheduled for February 1, 2016, to get it done, and take it one day and one step at time.  She has been behind me 100% from the beginning of kidney’s malfunction.

Due to time, I have to head away from writing in my diary for a while.  I will be back for later.  I go with good thoughts and wonderment at this time.  I wish all my friends, neighbors, and family the best day possible.

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