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I have two days before leaving home for a couple of days to have my fistula procedure done at Mercy Hospital.   Lately I have been on Facebook and so many people are very upset that Donald Trump had won the Presidential election again Hillary Clinton. My thoughts on this are “God is in control” and we are living in the last days and this earth will be destroyed and God’s people will be going to heaven as Jesus’ second coming is close even though we do not know the day, hour, or moment Jesus will return. I find this bickering about us Americans are in big trouble now that Donald Trump is going to be President of the United States. Some close friends have left Facebook for a while because of allthe negative posts and bickering. I have chosen to ignore the posts and hiding most of them because the election is now over with and Donald Trump has won the election. What is happening on Facebook is absolutely ridiculous and very childish as grown ups choose to un-friend and block friends because they are so filled with hate towards those who like Donald Trump and hate Hillary Clinton. I have no comment.

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