The Longest Time Now

For the longest time now I have had something on my mind that just keeps eating at me and will not leave me alone. I am not guilty of anything or feeling I need to apologize to someone in particular because the person I am talking about has already been apologized to for my actions. Even with that said I just wish I could turn back time and relive some of my life to correct what I have done by making unwise choices and saying words that were not said. Unfortunately, turning back time is something God has not allowed us to do and no time machine will help me correct what I have done by making unwise choices and saying certain words to others. This is where my heart aches the most right now but I am still moving forward the best I can with this heartache of mine. If only this one person, who will remain nameless, could see that I am not the same person any longer and understand where I stand today would make me the happiest person and the heartache I have would be gone and what I had done in the past would definitely stay where it ought to be – in the past where it belongs!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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