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Good morning. It is before 7:15 AM but that is okay. I feel rested enough. I am still fighting the affects of it getting dark by 5 PM each evening since we have turned back the clocks an hour in good ol’ Wisconsin. I’ve also noticed that it is getting colder now that the fall season is getting closer to the winter season. Brrrr. Yesterday morning I actually felt cold and put on a sweatshirt for the day until it got a little warmer. Today is a little different. I am not as cold this morning. Anyway, with all that is going on this week, I have come to find out that I do most of my writing and journaling best in the morning and before the afternoon comes. I want to relax and be away from my computer for a while during the day so getting on in the morning is my best hours since I have been home from the hospital last Thursday, November 17th. I love to watch my recorded TV programs or have a marathon on ION, ID, and when Law & Order or Law & Order: SVU is on. Anyway, this morning I have to charge my Fitbit battery up since it was getting low for the week and it is only Tuesday.

My last entry yesterday is still in the forefront of my mind and it will not leave me alone. Honestly, I need to get my life back to the present here. I have to move on. I have things going on in my life that my utmost attention right now and I do not need a road block of raw emotion in the way. I know writing a letter to this person would probably suffice but I am thinking it is not a good idea right now. I’ve called and left a message but I do not talk as well as I write sometimes. I believe that is what is bothering me right now. I just cannot let it go and move on to better things. What is on my mind right now will one day pass just like everything else does and I would have moved on ahead taking care of myself anyway. I just wish I would have handled things better in the past sometimes is all I really want right now. My dad is right about leaving things in the past where they belong in this case even though he does not know what I am talking about right this minute.

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