Now with evening here I can sit down and relax a bit.  I am going to be shutting down shop for the night now and snuggle up under one of my favorite blankets with Bing Crosby the cat on my lap.  I am done venting for the day and hopefully for the week.  It was my normal grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry day with shower at 9 AM.  Despite the weather, which was not bad, I went to Woodman’s this morning for some food and made sure Bing had more cat food.  It has not been a very quiet day here because of the neighbor above me RS but I decided to just watch TV and do some reading while Bing did his own thing.  I do not have any major plans tomorrow except for Mercy Home Health nurse JH coming between 12 – 1 PM in the afternoon, and my shower at 8:30 AM with RK here.  So far my day has been okay giving the fact that sleep has been hard to find these days. 

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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