The Need to Vent AGAIN!

I feel I have nothing to do but bicker and complain about the neighbor above me lately.  Yep, not a great morning here.  I have not been sleeping well at night most nights because it is hard to get comfortable when something is going on above me in the middle of the night.  RS’ boyfriend seems to be the nervous type who cannot sit still long enough to enjoy some quiet time.  I wonder if he even sleeps.  He has disrupted my sleep so many times now since he has come here to be with RS as often as he does.  I just wish RS to move out of here and stop being so nasty to me.  I have my kidney health to worry about right now and not getting enough sleep right now is NOT helping.  She acts like she does care about anyone else but herself and her boyfriend.  If they get married I hope they remain happy to death do them part.  If he was my boyfriend I would have kicked him to the curb the moment I sent him to the store and expect him back in 15 minutes and he does not show up until 4 hours later.  What does RS see in this guy?  I see trouble is what I see.  RS in love?  I surely hope so.  I feel she is using him more than loving him truly.  I think he’s using her to find a place to sleep or something.  If he is truly helping her he’s truly doing something wrong.  There is something wrong with this guy and those red flags keep popping up.  I am at my wits end here with my upstairs neighbor!  RS is making some unwise choices and I have a feeling she is going to get herself in trouble somewhere because of her boyfriend.  I just do not trust him.  They are moving in their relationship way too fast.  Supposedly she is engaged to her boyfriend now after only two months of meeting and he told me one morning that RS and he were going to get married in a week or two?  Ummm, that’s not a good relationship.  It sounds like more of a convenience more than a real love relationship to me.  Now-a-days when a relationship has a marriage in it before the first year into it spells and smells troublesome.  He frightens me to the point that trust is not there for RS anymore, too.  I know she is not well with her leg with infection in it but I believe he is not helping her either. 

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