Christmas at Kristi’s Today

Good morning!  I slept well last night despite my lovely neighbor and her boyfriend making noise after 11 PM – 3 AM in the morning.  I slept in my recliner all night with the TV on and I do remember a strange dream I had knowing that the person I talked to several times would not ever treat me like she did over the phone after all 30 odd years.  That is why I remember the dream being strange.  I woke up to it knowing it was not real even though it felt real or was real-like.  It was strange indeed.  Oh well, I am back to reality and awake.  i will be okay.

I have some excitement and then some nervousness at the same time.  When my AR parents come over there is always something for me to be nervous about.  They are so critical about things and that drives me crazy but I know they are critical for my health to be better than it is at the moment.  I, too, feel that way about my overall health.  Now, I am NOT going to get my hopes up too high here because my sister may not be able to come with Dad and his wife.  I do hope so though.  I am excited anyway.  Christmas today with my AR family!  YAY!

When RK gets here I am going to be super duper busy getting my place ready for company coming at 12 noon.  I will not be going to Bible study tonight.  It is too cold out for me to head out right now.  I plan to write more in my diary after my company leaves this afternoon and I may have time to write a little after RK leaves at 9:30 AM.  I just do not want anything to go wrong today.  Nothing!  I believe my sister is coming today from the text I received from my dad’s wife.  So anyone wants to know, I do not call my dad’s wife my stepmother anymore.  I do not call her mom because I have a mom and she prefers her name being said anyway.  I took “step” out of stepmother a long time ago anyway.  She is my dad’s wife and that will be who she is.  She has been my dad’s wife since 1981.

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