Christmas Time With the Family

Ahhh, Christmas time with family was AWESOME!  We had lunch from Culver’s and then we opened gifts.  Dad, his wife, and my sister got a quart of pickles for the holidays.  The pickles were homemade dill pickles by a neighbor who personally takes the time to make them.  We call him “Mr. Pickles” and he was in the paper one day a couple of years ago in regard to pickling pickles.  It was a very big article about him, too.  He goes out and sells his pickles somewhere in Janesville practically everyday with someone who helps him get around.  I ended up getting a Pur water filter system for my faucet and a couple of filter replacements, and twin bed sheets for my bed that practically match my curtains in my bedroom now.  I could not have asked for more, and of course some money to spend on things I do not need, lol.  It was a fine time for Christmas with the family.  Now I have the rest of the day to myself.  I think I am going to sit down and do some reading while Bing Crosby the cat is napping on my chair under the table. 

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