Kidney Update

The kidney is holding its own at this time.  My creatinine for November 16, 2016 was 3.2 and for today, it was 2.9.  Dr. A is doing his best at prolonging the idea of putting me on dialysis at this time so he is hoping not to for a while yet.  I did gain some weight but it is the Christmas holiday but I did not gain too much.  I gained 3 lbs.  No big deal.  Winter is here now and it is colder.  Dr. A decided to put me on two medications.  I have two counts that are low so he wants to make sure I start feeling better.  Now I understand why my appetite has been non-existent at times.  It has something to do with a couple of blood counts he looks at on his patients.  Now most of patients do not urinate anymore and are on dialysis but when I had to leave I really had to go.  I planned to go to the bathroom and go back and make an appointment but I went to the bathroom and left the floor and made the appointment when I got home and began to wind down for the rest of the afternoon and evening with my TV and a good book.

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