In General This Morning

Good morning…I think, anyway.  I was going to go to the wedding yesterday afternoon but the temperature went below zero and there is no way I was going out in the cold after last Saturday little snow storm we had.  When I went to church Saturday morning and the concert in the evening, I have to admit that the wheels on my walker were snow covered and a lot of the sticky snow melted onto my kitchen and bathroom floor.  For cleaning today the floor is going to be swept and mopped real good for the week.  I do not know if I am going grocery shopping with DB today.  With temperature below zero, I doubt I will be going outside today.  We will wait and see.

Another Complaint

This is yet another vent of course.  I briefly talked to KR, the manager on Facebook messenger last night and decided to get a complaint written again because once again RS’ boyfriend was making noise after 11 PM waking me up at 1:20 AM.  Then, of course, there was the not normal apartment living noise going on above me all day long.  There was a lot of dragging of things going on as well as dropping this and that everywhere in the apartment above me that could be heard above me.  It was loud and annoying.  I had a headache when I had awakened due to the to RS’ boyfriend’s heavy footing and it lasted most of the morning and early afternoon.  Ever since RS’ has had her boyfriend here it has gotten so bad with the noises.  I NEVER had this problem before with RS when her boyfriend was not in the picture. Now, since he’s been in the picture, I have had problems with not normal apartment living noises.  Dragging and dropping things all day yesterday was definitely something I am annoyed with this time.  My feelings toward RS is “I don’t trust you anymore, sweetie.”  I do not like the idea of RS getting into trouble but if a tenant does not abide by the rules and get in trouble with property management there is consequences to pay.  Evictions are brutal for anyone who lives in subsidized housing unless there is a plan between evicted tenant and the upper management.

Winter Wonderland

I am not going to say I do not like the snow but I surely can say it is very pretty on the pine trees in the backyard.  We have a lot of it right  now.  Today the weather is below zero.  It is ccoolldd out today.  Brrr!  I hope we have snow for the upcoming Christmas weekend!  I hope it warms up some but not enough to melt all the snow and make it a slushy mess for Christmas.  We do have a winter wonderland right now in Janesville, Wisconsin.  The heat is on in  my apartment and I am wearing warm clothing and slippers on my feet.  The idea of cold weather has been on my mind since yesterday.  I hope it warms up some this week some time.

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