Problem Resolved II

I have decided to take some time off from writing in my journal for a couple to three days. I did not forget to record any entries or anything but I do have to admit that I have been very busy. With the year 2016 leaving the day after tomorrow, I have to admit that my mind is full of things to do. I just want to end this year with less anxiety, panic, and depression, and live a normal life again. After finding out that my neighbor’s power chair is indeed broken and sounding like a kitchen table chair or the kitchen table itself is being dragged across the floor, I have to admit that I am glad the problem has been resolved and the logging of noise is over with. Now that the problem has been resolved, I have spoken to RS a couple of times already. I felt bad that she was getting yelled at every chance the manager had until both KR and I got to the source of my weekend troubles. Even RS felt bad that I was constantly being interrupted by her broken power chair – bearings in a couple of wheels are going bad and it is causing a lot of racket for both of us. I am still not fond of her boyfriend, though. He is just someone who does not appeal to me with looks, his constant to need to talk, and he does look unkempt and dirty all the time. He even reeks of strong cigarette smoke. With my dislike or distaste of RS’ boyfriend DB, they love each other and they make each other happy. I can see that but I still do not like him but I will tolerate him. At this time even though RS and I are talking again, I am going to take it slow and play it safe. I still love RS but I have to definitely distance myself now and kind of stay away from the group. I hate being the subject of gossip and I know who is the source of the gossip that is going around. Even though I know who is gossiping about me I will not let the person know I know who she is because another neighbor who I consider a friend told me in confidence who the person was. The person who is the source of the gossip is not my favorite person since December 20, 2016, and I will be civil and kind but I will NOT go out of my way to talk to her about anything.

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