Problem Resolved

I now know that my neighbor’s power chair is indeed broken and it needs to get fixed.  Until then, no more complaining because now I know what my neighbor is doing.  Her power chair is indeed broken and it needs a part.  Even with the problem resolved, I still have to put up with the noise for now.  Sleep has been very difficult for me because the noise I am hearing does sound like a kitchen table chair being dragged back and forth constantly and done so on purpose.  I will not be writing down any noise made any longer unless it is something different from the broken down power chair.  I do wish that should use her wheel chair if her power chair is broken so it does not break down any further.  She is ROUGH with her stuff.  I’ve seen her being rough with stuff personally when we were friends.  Until I get a call back from my doctor, Dr. K, I will not be able to sleep a decent night’s rest until the neighbor’s power chair is indeed fixed.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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