Day 2 of 2017

The title of my entry will come to me later.  At least I hope it does.  I cannot think of one at this very moment.

I have been up since a little after 6 AM.  I have decided to make my morning busy that early.  I have slept the night away with ease and comfort under the covers in my bed with Bing Crosby the cat between my legs the entire night keeping us both warm throughout the colder hours of the night.  I was definitely ready to get up at 6 AM without a hitch.  I have decided to get right to it this morning with getting my morning meds ready, get online and pay my monthly bills, and get a new budget sheet going for January 2017.  Because the weekend fell on New Years holiday, the IDS office was closed yesterday for Day of Observance, and now the office will be open today and everyone will be having services today.  I usually have my IDS services on Mondays and Thursdays with DB but this week I will have DB only on Thursday and someone else today to take me grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry, and then I believe I will have the Mercy Home health nurse come today sometime this afternoon.  It has been a long but productive weekend for me.  I am glad that my IDS and Almost Family services resume today.  MP is greatly missed indeed.  I cannot wait to get into that shower and get dressed for the day.  I wish I could wait and go grocery shopping but I cannot do that.  When IDS is closed for a holiday I feel that things get a little confusing and my weekly schedule feels like it is thrown off so dramatically in my sometimes anxiety mind.  Apparently I am always fighting some kind of monster, big or small, in my life and world.  Change and I do not always get along.  Change is hard for me to manage at times.  It causes a rift and that rift is uncomfortable for me as I feel its affects on me heavily.

As a neighbor is an apartment complex on the first floor I have not had anymore problems with RS and her broken power chair.  It has been a little more quiet up there but every now and then I hear boyfriend walking across with his heavy boots on and his part of a conversation with someone on the phone or with RS.  That can be a little annoying.  Okay, it annoys me a lot. Anyway, no more problems in the night and I have gotten my sleep pattern back without the anxiety and fear of what is going to be the next noise from RS’ apartment.  I am not complaining here.  I am writing my relief from the awful noise I had endured over the weekend of Christmas and for two months before January 2017.  I am glad it is all over.  Now I can concentrate on what is more important to me and that is my transplanted kidney and its declining health after a long and hard race.

There is so much I need to do for 2017 but time can hinder what I want to do sometimes. I am not going to allow it from happening if I can help it.  I have my scheduled showers Tuesday – Thursday, and every other Sunday right now, chores, appointments, and a plan to read 10 books this year on my Kindle reader, my writing, my blog, social media, and Bing Crosby the cat.  I have a life to live and that is exactly what I am going to do.  Whatever obstacles I face I will face with a smile on my face and do what is necessary to get through and past that obstacle.  I still do not believe in New Year resolutions because they end up getting broken but I have started a one-year devotional at YouVersion online and that has gotten off on a wonderful start.  Due to the time of paying my bills and getting a new budget set up I will have to do my one-year devotional later this afternoon for the first time since January 1, 2017. I am also doing another devotion but that will only be for seven days and I am doing this devotion on anxiety.  I was able to do that this morning after my online bills were paid.

I will back later.

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