Another Day Come and Gone

Another day has come and gone by very quickly.  I went grocery shopping this morning because yesterday was a Day of Observance for January 1, 2017, and IDS was closed for the holiday.  I am so glad that things are back up and running today as far as services go.  I have learned this afternoon that my shower care can be interrupted and I could be discharged in ten days if the problem is not resolved by then.  So here I am talking to someone from IRIS and Almost Family today about how things are being billed and I am a little frustrated about this situation and I just got out of a big anxiety attack I have had for two months straight because I thought RS was causing noise above me on purpose because I wrote complaints against her and boyfriend for being so loud and noise after 11 PM.  With that problem resolved I have run into a little snag today with Almost Family,

I did have a dental appointment tomorrow but I cancelled it until March when the weather got warmer.  With just coming off and down from the cloud of anxiety, I just don’t have the patience to sit in a dental chair for about an hour while the dentist is keeping my mouth open to clean and inspect it for any problems with my teeth if any.  I have just got my sleep pattern back over the weekend.  Speaking of sleep, I will be going to bed in a few minutes.

Another day has come and gone.  I am going to say good night now and go to bed.  I am indeed tired and have fallen asleep while watching TV sitting in my recliner.  Good night and God bless.

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