My Doctor’s Appointment

This is my last entry of the day…

This morning at 11 AM I had an appointment with the doctor who helped my local nephrologist place my fistula  in my left arm on November 15, 2016.  Dr. S looked at my fistula and felt it and gave me the go to use it when time is necessary.  Dr. S will let Dr. A know my fistula is good to go.  As it comes to my knowledge, Dr. S, I have been dismissed and I do not have to see him any longer unless I have to because something has happened to the fistula itself.  My heart has really felt the loss because I really like Dr. S.  He took care of me with a wonderful bedside manner.  I guess if you do not have to see a doctor for some reason any longer that is a wonderful sign that things are going just fine.  I am okay with that but I dislike leaving doctors who have taken good care of me.

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