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Okay…time seems to escape me so I rather be online in the morning before I get my day going by 8:30 AM or 9 AM each morning.  I usually get up by 7:15 AM every morning but sometimes that does not happen and not too often anymore.  Today was an okay sort of day although I did wish that I had the entire day to myself but I had my shower at 8:30 AM this morning until 9:30 AM, and then my last Mercy Home Health visit from my nurse that Dr. S set up for me after I left the hospital on November 17, 2016.  It is nice to know that I no longer need a home health nurse come to my home any longer as well even though once again I have developed a likeness to the nurse(s) coming into my home and taking time to visit me every week for 9 weeks.

I am not venting here but I am speaking my side of the story.  I ran some errands in the building today and one of them was to see if RS had money for me for using my modem but apparently she has not been using it and using the office’s modem with their password.  I am not sure if I believe her.  Her boyfriend cannot be trusted and from what I have gathered through conversations being overheard or brought up by me with certain trusting tenants no one likes the RS’ boyfriend,  It has been quieter above me until just a little while ago when I had heard her boyfriend’s footsteps walking across the floor.  RS told me something and it did not prick my conscience to keep it to myself and what RS told me I told the onsite manager KR.  KR told me that there is nothing to prove about RS’ boyfriend living here at this time but she said she will talk to her boss about it.  The only problem is that I am the only one who has complained against RS and her boyfriend after quiet hours between 11 PM – 8 AM and she got really upset with me.  One of the rules are being violated here and I don’t know what to do anymore as i have run out of options.  I am proof that RS’ boyfriend is here all the time because I am the tenant who lives right below RS.  Her boyfriend cannot be trusted whatsoever and now I believe RS has become a liar as well.  Something is not right with RS anymore.

I am up a little later than I had planned watching recorded TV programming on my DVR box.  I had to call Charter Spectrum to reset my DVR box because I could not delete a show I just watched off the box.  That can get frustrating at times when that happens in this household.  The girl I spoke to tonight was very kind and helped me with my DVR reset and the program I wanted deleted off the box was deleted after the reset.  I was relieved and very happy.  I will be going to bed shortly after taking my evening meds I have decided to take an hour or so later because I took my 2 PM meds a little later than normal today as well.  Some meds and I have certain conflicts that have to be worked out yet, lol, and so far so good.  I really dislike bathroom issues on a daily basis but I have been pretty good so far after getting my med times switched a little bit before the weekend started.

Today was a very wet and rainy day, and the roads were a little bit icy for those who drive about to and from work, errands, and travel.  I did not go outside to see how bad the weather was because I could see that it was not a nice day.  I hoped everyone who was driving today got to where they needed to go and back home safely and surely.  A former teacher who I have been in contact with since 6th grade is in Florida with her husband until the 24th of January, and I miss them already and they have just left this morning from Madison airport.  I hope they have a great time!

Tomorrow I have no major plans except to go to Bible study at church at 7 PM.  RK will be here at 8:30 AM – 9 AM to help with my showering, and then the rest of the morning and early afternoon is all mine.  I am going to go for the night.  Good night!

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