My Evening Thoughts

I do not here to brag.

What a day!  I could not ask for more.  This morning I saw a nurse from Santee Home Health Care at 10 AM, then I went to Best Buy and got my new stuff – a MacBook Pro, Epson printer, USB hub with 7 port, external hard drive, Fitbit Charge 2, surge protector, and I have a year with Microsoft 365 with 1 TB (Terabyte). I am going to be busy for a while getting things set up – something I want to do for myself.  I aim so looking forward to my new stuff.  Having gone to Best Buy and being there before 12 noon, getting my new toys.    The only thing I have to set up now is the Epson printer tomorrow if I can get the help needed to move the new printer and my “old” Canon printer.

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