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With an expected absence from my diary some things during my absence was unexpected.  I am hanging in there.  There are some things flying around here.  No not rumors or gossip that I know of.  The things that are flying around are viruses and infections.  I have not gone into the community room to visit other tenants lately except to poke my head in to say hi to a couple of neighbors who are utilizing the community room television for a while.  I have not gone in for doughnuts and coffee for months now since I go to church Saturday mornings and do not have time to visit.  Some things have not really changed up above me so I am staying away from that situation as much as possible until further notice.  It is so hard for me to trust a certain someone right now,  With viruses and infections flying around here I’d rather stay close to home and away from other people.  I cannot afford to get sick right now.  I already have an UTI that is being treated with an antibiotic but not sure if it is the right one yet since the urine culture has not come in yet.  I am waiting patiently as possible here.

The last few days have been a little emotional.  As of yesterday I do not have Almost Family right now so another company is going to take over.  I saw RK for the last time yesterday morning.  I am still a little frustrated about that situation but it’s over now and there is nothing I can do about it.  I had gotten a certified letter from Almost Family yesterday stating my discharge from their personal cares.  I am not even sure if I am even going go back to Almost Family.  Yesterday I was going to meet a nurse from another personal cares company called Santee Home Health Care but the weather delayed our local schools two hours and the Santee Home Health nurse could not make it and so today we are meeting at 10 AM this morning.  I am excited about it actually.  When Almost Family had lost their MA status because they changed their name during the changes during the summer.  UUGGHH!!!

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