My Saturday

January 21, 2017

With the weekend, here I am not going to argue in any way or form.  The past two weeks of my world has been going in a very big circle so fast.  After Tuesday when Almost Family discharged me from personal cares because of an MA status issue they have created on their own seven months ago by changing their name during family care changes happening at the same time.  They have noticed for seven months that they were not getting paid and two weeks ago Almost Family had the gall to call me and say they have not been able to get paid for seven months, and that I have two weeks left with them unless the problem could be resolved before then.  Here I am, with anxiety and wishing my mom was here at the time this was happening, calling my IRIS consultant and letting her know what I just heard and for those two weeks, until a week ago Friday, my IDS worker MM had found a home health care program who would indeed add me as a client.  As MM conversed with my IRIS consultant and spoke to Santee Home Health Care owner I was in before the week was gone. Almost Family’s personal care’s worker RK finished her last day with me – not her job with the company – left, and Santee Home Health Care began Thursday morning at 9 AM, and I have had a shower ever since every day.

Now, I am feeling a little annoyed (still) with Almost Family to the point that now I have Santee Home Health Care coming in that I will not return to AF at all now. I feel they should have taken care of the billing problem when it first started in June when family care changes were happening.  They waited until two weeks ago to inform me of the billing problem still going on for seven months.  No company will get by very well with that kind of professional blunder.  My IRIS consultant, my worker MM from IDS, and I worked our bottoms off finding a personal cares program in such a short span of time and nothing came up until practically this last week.  I understand certain doors close where other doors open and God is involved from the very beginning but emotions dealt here were frustration, some anger (still some today at my end), sadness, and understanding happened despite of all that has happened in such a short time.  The reason why I am still not very happy with AF is because during the last two weeks of their service I had RK here Tuesday – Thursday, and one Sunday, and was left without a shower for half of the week because there was no other shower gal to take MP’s place when she left due to a different job.  During the days, I was not having showers I ended up with a urinary tract infection and a yeast infection under my left breast which hurt and constantly draining.   Now, since Thursday, having a shower every day, my yeast infection under my left breast has finally began to heal and get better.  With that said I will not burn my bridges just in case I must go back to AF for some reason or another but I do not intend to return to AF in the next six to eight weeks when my MA status is all set up with Santee Home Health Care. I am going to stick with Santee for good.

I have decided to take the time to write an email to my mom’s husband about the hate against Trump all around me and tell him what I have been hearing and seeing with my own eyes. When I get a response from him, which I know I will, I will be sharing the response and expressing my thoughts on how the Trump hating is just ridiculous and meaningless.  What I will be sharing tomorrow will probably shock many people who read what I am going to share.  I do not care if I am hated by many people after this.  I am going to stand for my beliefs and rights.

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