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Good evening from good ol’ Wisconsin.  What a wonderful day today turned out to be.  I have no complaints.  Even though I have been talking about my feelings and thoughts about politics the past two to three days.  I just getting sick and tired of the hatred, and now I just either delete, hide, or unfriend Trump haters and I will not allow them back on Facebook.  I have a tough job to do right now but my day has been just wonderful all day. I have had my shower at 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM, in-house inspection between 9:30 AM/9:36 AM grocery shopping at 10:00/10:15 AM, and then cleaning and laundry. As far as the in-house inspection went, everyone passed, and I was happy that there was nothing wrong with my place. Ever since the last week of December I have kept my apartment less cluttered with everything in their places in every room of the house.  After DB left after 1 PM, when the laundry was done and put away, I. have had the pleasure of having the rest of the day to myself and Bing Crosby the cat, my TV, my computer, and some games.  I am so happy that my UTI is clearing up nicely from the weekend of the 13th – 15th.  Dr. A put me on the right antibiotic from the very beginning.  I am very happy.

Despite my rantings and ravings about Trump haters and riots going on since Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have had their debates, and Trump won, I do have to admit that the past five days have been pleasant and I have been happier.  With Santee Home Health Care now in my life I have been very happy and less frustrated about what happened to how I got to where I am today.  I do believe that God closes doors to open new doors to new adventures for good reason.  Patience is so important and I know that I have had very little patience and a lot of frustration the past two weeks. Now, with a new week beginning I can say let it come!

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