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January 23, 2017

Good morning!  Today is going to be a busy day today.  I have my shower at 8:30 AM, grocery shopping at 10:15 AM or so, and today we have in-house inspections, cleaning and laundry.  Ever since Santee Home Health Care has come in starting January 19th, I have felt very comfortable, more clean, happier, and my yeast infection under my left breast is almost gone now.  It is itches a little bit but not as much as it did yesterday.  Even the spot that was red somewhat open from dead skin peeling off, that is all healed now.  Ever since my first shower I have felt more dry and not sweaty and wet making more problems under either breast.  I am glad to be getting better all around.  Even my urinary tract infection is going away.  I must take medication (an antibiotic) until Thursday evening.

It seems that I am still am having some trouble with my neighbor who lives above me from time to time.  This morning she is up before 8 AM like I am making noises.  The walls are so thin here that the insulation is very little in this apartment complex.  When her boyfriend is here I can hear him talking loudly, and he walks heavily no matter what time of day it is.  If those two do get married I surely hope they do not live together here. He’s an idiot and I do not know what my neighbor sees in him. She is so blind to everything around her except her man and that is not healthy. She is an idiot now, too.  Trusting her has become something I have to work hard on but it is not coming around.  Seeing them together makes me so sick to my stomach.  With what is flying around here as far as viruses and infections these days at Burbank Plaza Apartments I have found myself at home more than going out in the public areas I once did so long ago. I have resorted to my apartment most of the time now once again.

Trump Hating

This Trump hating should come to an end.  I am now seeing who the “haters” are and I have quite a few of them on Facebook.  He is now our 45th President of the United States people!  Please hate him in private, in your own thoughts, and move on.  For a long time now hate has become so strong towards innocent people and lives have been killed for no reason whatsoever.  We are practically back to when slavery was happening with blacks and whites not getting along again.  It is sad.  My heart aches for peace and to get along with others but I know full well that is very, very far away.  I should walk away from people who hate and move on with my life with my faith and beliefs.  Life with hate will make one so bitter that no one will be able to be around them any longer and the one person with so much hatred will be all alone with no support from anyone. God does love everyone but those who hate will judgment time very difficult.  My heart goes out to the Trump haters through prayer and understanding the best I can in my life every day.



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