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January 25, 2017

What can I say about today? Well, not a whole lot really. It has been a fairly quiet day. I have been lazy for the past few days now, except for Monday of course, lol.  Happiness has been found once again in a company I plan on not leaving in the future whatsoever.  I have been thinking about Almost Family since the day I had gotten word by phone that I was going to be discharged from their care because of MA status issues that were totally out of my control and their fault in changing the name right before new family care began in the summer of 2016.  After getting a registered letter in the mail that was sent from AF I thought about allowing the registered letter go back to the company unsigned and unopened after the fact I signed my John Hancock on a piece of paper stating the mail will go back to where it came from.  I was a very unhappy camper receiving the news and felt even worse getting the stupid letter in the mail stating my discharge for personal cares.  I was very unhappy.  As of yesterday, a week after RK has done her last personal cares here in my home, I have come to realize how unhappy I have been with AF for a while due to lack of help coming into my home and the time they waste in finding someone new to replace the PCW’s that have either quit, left, or are not wanted here because of personal issues in the way of their job to take care of my personal cares and worse yet, keeping track of the time spent with knowing they have only five more minutes left and cannot finish their work here.  It seems so frustrating and uncomfortable for me.  Now since I have had Santee Home Health Care in my home since Thursday morning, I have been very, very happy and comfortable.  I have not felt this happy in such a long time.  It’s like I came out of the worst funk of my life and happiness has returned into my life without any hesitation or incident has ever occurred in my life personally, privately, or publicly the past few days or weeks.  Hmmm?  I am not here to argue what has happened even though I have been unhappy and deeply hurt a lot lately.

Now, as for living here at Burbank Plaza Apartments. That is a whole different story in itself. I have vented a lot about what has been happening with my neighbor upstairs in the apartment above me lately. She definitely needs prayers for her actions, behavior, and attitude. I cannot help her anymore or be a part of her life as a friend. I can only be her neighbor now and not her friend.  She has caused some emotional distress I cannot fully explain without drudging up the past with such emotion of anger, frustration, sadness, and some fear.  She has lost most of my respect as well as our friendship as far as I am concerned.  Her boyfriend is someone I cannot trust or be around with or without anyone present along the way comfortably.  Something about him rubs me the wrong way as red flags pop up everywhere in my conscious and mind, and red flags popped up the second I met him one morning in the community room.  Please do not think that I am jealous of my neighbor having a relationship because that is not it.  If you have met or seen this boyfriend of hers you may understand.  He is not good looking at all.  He’s dirty, loud, obnoxious, and thinks he has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein!  I believe and think that my neighbor can do better for herself.  No one likes her boyfriend.  They have only been together for three to four months now and they are engaged to be married already, and supposedly they are getting married this coming Saturday, January 28th.  I do not consider them engaged whatsoever.  I do not care for their relationship period. My neighbor is supposedly a Christian woman but somewhere along the way she has lost her way to doing what is right.  She has been playing house with this man since they have met and he has moved right on in, and their sleeping together right above me in her living room on the futon she has.  Now I fully understand why I do not have sleepovers anymore of my own.  The idea of those two sleeping together sickens me to point I want to throw up on them both, lol.  He is one noisy brute at night and during the day I can him talking so loud from my own apartment that it is just ridiculous.  I surely hope that he does not get allowed to move in here with her and that she moves out away from this place.  I won’t miss her or the noise she has allowed him to make during quiet hours, and the lies she has told along the way.  No one here likes this guy of hers.  He’s an idiot.  Okay, I’ve said my share of neighborly love that is mostly unpleasant at this time.  Whew…J got it out of me.  Frightening, huh?  Please come live with for a few days and see for yourselves what I have been going through since October of 2016 with my neighbor and her so-called love of her life.  You’d be surprised at what you experience.  I want my neighbor out of here badly enough.

Well… tomorrow is another day.  My IDS worker DB will be here at 9:15 AM and I will have my shower and be dressed by then with my shower gal DK.  I think the two D’s are going to meet each other for the first time in the morning.  I will have to wait and see I guess.  I know it is only 7:22 PM on a Wednesday evening but I am tired and ready for bed now. I am going to say good night and God bless in hopes to return tomorrow.  I have some devotionals to do now anyway. Good night and God bless. Thank you for letting me vent once again. Whew, that’s over for now.

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