I Knew It!

January 27, 2017

My feelings about my neighbor’s boyfriend were spot on when I met him for the first time.  For a while now I have stayed away from my neighbor as much as I can and when I see her in public there is nothing I can do about that.  I had a feeling that this man my neighbor has fallen in love with was someone who was no good, dirty, and rightly so as far as doing things illegally.  Unfortunately, we cannot prove it now but he is defrauding the SSA by getting paid under the table, and my neighbor is right in the middle of it by allowing this man to be in her life.   I knew the minute I met the man something was off about him, and finding out yesterday what was really bothering me had come to light.  My nights have been more quiet without him walking across my neighbor’s floor vibrating my ceiling with every crucial step not caring in the world keeping neighbors awake at night.  I do not know what has happened but I am happy that he is not here sleeping over for long periods of time right now.  I believe management had something to do with that.  If so, I am so glad.  If not, something or someone has finally gotten through to her about him practically living here.  He was living here.  Now, if they do get married will he be able to live here?  Probably not but that is something that has yet to be foreseen.  I have no idea!

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