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January 29, 2017

Thoughts on January 22nd

Remember when I had shared my conversation with my mom’s husband several days ago?  I’ve shared my email as well as his concerning the hatred and riots going on between the Democratic and Republican party.  That conversation has indeed calmed me down from worry and fear.  I have stopped communicating with some people in my life

Where Has This Month Gone?

We only have two days of January left.  Where has this month gone to?  The month has gone by very quickly.  I am glad January is leaving on a good note for the most part.  I have been happy since the 19th now (very happy) with my new personal cares services.  I do not intend on leaving Santee Home Health Care in the future. I am keeping the company as my personal cares from this day forward.  I still wonder where has the month gone, though.  It has been one amazing, emotional, and interesting month – the beginning of the new year has been a little rough but now I feel the roughness has finally smoothed out.

My Upstairs Neighbor

I do have to admit that my association with my upstairs neighbor has lessened in the past couple of weeks, and this past week I have had relief from her boyfriend’s noise day and night.  It has been quieter and my nerves have calmed down.  I have not gone out of my way lately just to see my neighbor.  I have been keeping to myself lately with all the germs and viruses running around the building this winter.  I will not go out of my way to see my upstairs neighbor as long as I can.  I now understand why I have red flags popping up all the time with her boyfriend and as long as her relationship with this man continues, I will not be a part of her life any longer.  I do not trust him and now I do not trust her.  She is not acting like a Christian woman.  All I can do is pray for her.

Now, my neighbor’s boyfriend was here yesterday late afternoon and evening but he did not spend the night.  I am glad of that.  He is just loud all the way around.  Hearing him talk and making sense of his portion of the conversation disturbs me when I can hear it distinctively and audibly – not always but yet disturbing.  The insulation between the walls and floors/ceilings of this building is practically non-existent even though the is some.  I wonder if this building was built cheap.  Also, I am not even sure if my neighbor has had her power chair fixed yet.  Sometimes it does not sound like it.  She is so rough with her power chair and belongings.  I just wish the neighbor would just move out and leave this place behind her but I do not see that coming.  They never got married Saturday as they have told everyone I have come across in the past several days.  I have come to the realization that my neighbor has become a liar or has been one all of her life and her boyfriend is one also.  They are just perfect for one another then.  May God protect them from any harm their way if it is His will to do so.

Unexpected Visit but Pleasant Enough

After my shower gal DK left for the evening I had company for a little while.  My friend JSW and her boyfriend MP came by with their baby girl to introduce her to me.  What a sweet little one – a miracle born eight weeks early at 4 pounds and so many ounces.  Her name is Alyssa Rose.  She is such a doll and a cutie indeed.  She slept the entire time she was here.  When they left I found myself alone with Bing Crosby the cat enjoying the rest of my evening before the weekend ended completely.

Good Night

I am going to close up shop and go to bed in a few minutes.  Good night and God bless.  Tomorrow is another day – sunshine or not.  I have a busy day today.  If I do not go to bed now, I will not sleep well.

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