January 30, 2017

Ahh, one more full day of January 2017 and then the month is gone forever except through memories made.  Although I must be patient, I will be glad January 2017 will be in the past where it belongs.  The way some of this month went I am so happy to see it go forever.   Even though I seem a little negative here but I did have a rough patch for a while and now things have smoothed out again.  The idea of this month leaving for good pleases me.  I have moved right on ahead despite of what has happened this month.  I am very happy that the 19th came with great pleasure, a change that I did not foresee coming as quickly as it did, and have been pretty happy since then.  Let January 31st come and plays it last day of 2017 no matter what I have planned for the day outside my shower.  What can I do tomorrow?  That, I will wait and see.

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