A Needed Lazy, Relaxing Day

January 31, 2017

I am so glad today is the last day of January 2017.  The way my month began until the 19th was a little rough and I became very emotional and very stressed.  Now with Almost Family in my past and Santee Home Health Care in my present I am very happy.  I did not know how stressed out I was during the seven months I was with Almost Family.  After MP had left I was without a shower for half of my week for two weeks when I had learned about the MA status situation was seven months old.  What happened was Almost Family, formerly known as ResCare had changed their name before the family care plan that was placed in Wisconsin started on July 1, 2016, and they did not were not MA status ready.  I am very happy with Santee Home Health Care now that I will not return to Almost Family at all unless I have to.  The care I get now is fantastic.  I guess when God closes a door to something in one’s life He always opens another door that can and will be better than the door was closed.  I know that the incident with Almost family happened so abruptly and my emotions towards the situation was not happy and angry because they should have found this error right away but now I am very happy with the home health care agency I have and will move forward away from Almost Family.

I will be very honest about today.  I did not do much of anything, lol.  I stayed in and home all day watching TV, reading, and relaxing with Bing Crosby the cat on my lap.  I wasn’t bored at all today but surely I could have done more but I decided to call today my lazy, relaxing day.  I have to have one or two days of nothing to do, right?  Maybe so.

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