February 1

February 1, 2017

Today I did not get a shower because my shower gal DK was very sick with her kidney disease.  She did say she will be back tomorrow, February 2nd and resume her duties as my shower gal.  I also learned that she will be off on Thursday, February 9th to have outpatient surgery done on her kidneys as she has cysts on them.  She will be gone all day for that and SS will take care of me that day at 8 AM or shortly thereafter.  With that taken care of I am praying for DK.

Well, today was another lazy, relaxing day for me.  Watch TV, read, and relaxed with Bing Crosby the cat on my lap.  Tomorrow will be a new day.  DK will be back to work and here before 8:30 AM to catch up on her day lost yesterday.  She felt bad about not being here today but with her kidney disease she cannot help it.  I was not upset at all.  From one person to another who deals with CKD herself, DK and I have something in common even though our kidney diseases are different.  We can relate and talk openly about it without a problem.  I love DK.  She is pretty awesome! Why not have another lazy, relaxing day of TV, reading, and snuggling with Bing Crosby the cat?  Those days are fun, too.

With the second paragraph said I do have to admit that having too many lazy days is not always fun, though.  The energy is not always there.  I do my best every day.  Without a shower, today I do feel kind of gross and unclean but that will not be the case tomorrow.  I still remember not having showers for two weeks for half the week and getting sick with a UTI and an yeast infection under my left breast that was so bad it hurt like the start of shingles!  I knew it was not the shingles because I understand they are painful.  My dad had the shingles some time back.

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