My Thoughts on Political Hatred

February 2, 2017

The past couple of days now, or so, I have been very disappointed with some of my Facebook friends.  As individuals, we are entitled to our opinion but this hatred for having a Republican as President of the United States; Donald Trump who has become the President for the next four years and if he does well he could be the President of the United States for two terms and not just one term is not liked by many of my friends on Facebook.  Everywhere I turn on Facebook politics are everywhere and they are against our 45th President.  I feel horrible.  I know I am not the only Facebook member who has “Trump haters” as Facebook friends.  It is heartbreaking and downright ridiculous to see.  I am very hurt seeing all this hatred.  I want to unfriend all the “Trump haters” from my friend list but EVERYONE is entitled to their opinions on EVERYTHING that they see, do, and feel.  No matter HOW we look at it from both sides (through observation) we ALWAYS going to be divided in politics, religion, and sex.  This is WHY these three topics are so hard to talk about with others unless they are in your ballpark playing a fair and honest game.  Where I live, when I am out and about, I hear what President Trump has done something horrible to bring down America instead of helping America.  I just breaks my heart.  I once enjoyed being out socially but now I have to pull teeth to go out socially in the community room.  I know a couple of people who are not Republican like I am.  It is just sad.  People do not have anything better to do but bad mouth someone for some reason and gossip out in public.  I am safe in my own space and apartment right now.  I have better things to do than spread rumors and gossip about other people and bad mouth President Trump.  I just wish grownups would just stop bickering, complaining, running their mouths, and follow things more closely.  It is so very uncomfortable for many.  I have seen so much hatred in the past few years since 9//11/01 and it has gotten worse when Obama was President, and now America HAS to get back on its feet once again.  Let the 45th President do his job whether you like it or not, please?  We ALL have to work together in this country or WE will be the ONES pulling down this country and the President himself.  Let the prophecies of the Bible, of God, take place as planned.  Oh… I forgot that not everyone believes in God as well.  How sad!

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