Thinking About It Very Hard

Ahh, good evening.  What a fine day today has been.  I was able to finish the book I was reading as planned.  The book I read was “The Hanged Man’s Song written by John Sandford.  I did enjoy the book all the way through except for some swear words I am not accustomed to saying because I am a Christian.  I am at fault of not putting the book down the moment I read the first strong language but it was a very good book.  I have to watch more carefully what books to read from this forward.  I cannot be caught up too much with the worldly stuff and concentrate on my spiritual life more closely. Any time I get away from my Christian attitude and behavior I end up getting burned and hurt, and the good ol’ Devil we can Satan/Lucifer will attack me with what I weakest at and believe me being attacked by Satan is absolutely horrible.  It’s awful and it makes me feel very emotional, paranoid, and I want to hide away.  I am very observant…believe me,

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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