Once Again Issues From Neighbor?

I will be going to church this morning despite the cold.  My ride JM will be here between 8:50 AM and 9:00 AM to go to church.  I am very happy that Sabbath and the weekend has arrived.  I do not have any other major plans this weekend except church this morning and part of the afternoon, my shower at 4 PM, and whatever comes into play after that.  I just hope, when I get back home this afternoon, that my upstairs neighbor and her idiot boyfriend are quiet.  He has spent the night here Thursday and last night as I have heard him walking about the apartment after 11 PM for a while.  I still wonder what RS sees in this idiot, liar, and loud mouth man of hers she calls boyfriend/fiancé.  I am so glad I am single.  Yet again RS and her boyfriend DB are perfect for once another apparently.  Here I am, talking ill of those two once again, when I need to be happy and not worry about anything but myself and my own health.  I believe knowing he is staying with RS and making noise during quiet hours just does not please me at all. It is so frustrating to be a neighbor to someone who was once a trustworthy friend of mine.  I do not like people when they do not abide by the rules and regulations of living in an apartment complex like Burbank Plaza.

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