Time to Write Today. Yay!

Smart Limits and Spam Calls

One of my favorites with AT&T phone service was smart limits.  I have had it for a few years when it first came out.  The cost for the service was $4.99 a month.  Well… last week I got talked into getting rid of the service to deduct some cost from my monthly phone bill payment right along with downgrading from 5G data usage to 1G of data usage since I use my 5G portion of Charter internet (Wi-Fi) instead of 2G portion of Charter internet.  I have saved myself some money!  With smart limits gone from my phone (it is not available any longer after one gets rid of it) I find myself taking a lot of spam calls and adding them to my contact list and then rejecting the call so they do not call again.  I do not know how many times today a call came in I did not recognize and put on my reject call list on my phone.  Even two numbers with a + sign in front of it and with only 5 to 7 numbers after the + sign got me baffled a little.  I DID NOT answer those calls.  I have decided, even though I do not like to, turned my phone on silent for the rest of the afternoon and evening, and for the rest of the night because I was getting sick and tired of my phone exploding with game notifications and phone calls I did not recognize all day long.

I Had to Again

Okay, I had to tell the on-site manager again a little while ago that my neighbor had her boyfriend here from Thursday night all night long.  He was noisy, again, after 11 PM at night during quiet hours.  My weekend sleep was diminished to 3 to 5 hours a night with him here walking loudly about on my ceiling/her floor and I heard him talking loudly after 2 AM late Friday night/early Saturday morning. I was so happy to be out for a few hours after 9 AM Saturday morning at church for Sabbath School, Worship service, potluck, prayer service, and our monthly poem Sabbath.  I did not get home until a little before 3 PM Saturday afternoon.  It was all quiet until after that for the rest of the night.  If my neighbor does not clean up her act and abide by the rules and regulations of living here she is going to end up getting herself in big trouble again.  If my nights after 11 PM are being interrupted by her and her boyfriend’s noise I will not stop complaining about it until something is done about them both.  I do not like her boyfriend and I have not really liked my neighbor for months now.  I need my sleep just like everyone else in this world.  Sometimes I wonder why my neighbor acts the way she does.  I do not feel sorry for her one bit right now.


I consider myself a blogger now.  Yahoo! I just have to organize some things at Microsoft Docs right now as a new month begins Wednesday.  I may erase the blogs I have started but will save what I have written in Word before deleted my first blogged pieces and rework them a bit into a story I have been itching to write for a long time now.  I love to write, journal, read, and observe what is around me to get ideas for my writings.  I am not new to writing but I am kind of new to the process of writing properly – different from how I speak if I want to make it in the professional writing realm of life. Writing a book takes work, time, research, and hours.  Since I do not work outside the home (inside the home as well) and I have a lot of time on my hands I will do more writing and research on topics that matter for my first book ever written in my life for publication.  Yes… I want to be an author someday if God allows it to happen.  Whew!

Television Time

I have taken television time in a very different way lately.  I rarely have my TV on during the day on weekdays now.  As a matter of fact, I do not have it right now.  I really enjoy the peace and quiet around me (in my own home) without noise from another source happening.  I get enough noise from above me anyway, lol.  I know I am being a little cruel here but it is the truth lately (again).  I can get some work done that way.  It works well!  Yahoo! I am going to take this television time seriously from this day forward.  I love the quietness of my home.  I can concentrate better on what I want to do and write what I can during the time I am “working” on my diary or writing from this day forward.  Also, I do not have any lights on except for the glow of the computer’s/laptop’s screen, right in front of my face.  I love this no television time idea.  Let’s bring on March this way, huh?  I even love the darkness of my apartment at this hour as well.

Paper Shredder

In my home a paper shredder is a must and yesterday, Sunday afternoon, I took the time to look online for a nice one at Best Buy and found one for $39.99 with a 2-year warranty for $8.99, and 2-day free shipping.  I just need to have one after what I did two weeks ago getting rid of files and papers that were practically seven to eight years old after cleaning out my computer desk drawer/filing cabinet to make room for new and current materials.  I looked at one Insignia brand and bought it with some of my Best Buy gift card money.  Now I have my paper shredder coming by tomorrow.  Another yahoo for the day – in this case, evening.

Fitbit Success

I have FINALLY come up with a good plan to get more mileage into my day walking, rocking, stationary biking, and what else it takes to have success in my Fitbit routine.  My mom knows exactly what I do and she thinks it is wonderful that I am pushing myself, without getting stressed, more to do better each week now.  I am feeling a little more successful in my Fitbit life once again.  I am going to push it even further this week.  The stationary biking thing must be done while sitting on a table chair than my walker now since I have lost nearly 40# since February 2016 and losing a little here and there each month even though I have gained 3.8# back in December.  The rocking back and forth (Fitbit does count it) does relax me a little bit as well.  I did get 250 steps every hour for 5 hour increments last week and I can do it again this week. I have set my 250 stepping hours between 3 PM – 8 PM until I master the time I have set myself up to do.  It feels good.  I feel good right now.

One Last Thing

It is dark out in Wisconsin now as time is going on 7 PM.  I am going to sign off here in a minute and take some television time in before going to bed.  I am getting tired. I got some fresh air today (this morning) while going from building to car to Woodman’s grocery store and back outside to the car to come back home.  Fresh air always wants to do me in.  I hope I can sleep well tonight.  I do not think my neighbor’s boyfriend/fiancé is here tonight.  Thank goodness.  Good night.


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