My Day On March 1, 2017

February 2017 is gone forever and March 2017 is here for 30 more days before it is gone forever.  Today, just a few minutes before I go to Bible study tonight, I have been busy all day.  I have done my 5 hour 250 steps, 11 to 13 minutes of stationary bike riding, and watched some TV (television time until 12 noon).  I really do enjoy my TV time off.  I’ve also did my One Year Bible reading for the day, my Bible study reading for tonight, and used my new paper shredder a few times today to test it out after getting out of the box.  My paper shredder works great!  I also got my gaming in on Facebook today with some success as well as on my phone.  Today has been a very good day and I am looking forward to Bible study tonight at 7 PM.  Once I get home I am going to get ready for bed, take my medication, and relax for a while before retiring for the night.  This is pretty much what is happening on the 1st day of March for me this year.  Nothing new happening right now except for my usual daily ritual and routine.  Tomorrow will bring on another day for me of scheduled stuff but pretty much my afternoon tomorrow is free of scheduled stuff.  Now I am getting ahead of myself.  I will write more tomorrow unless I have an itch to do so before retiring to bed tonight after all.

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