A Need to Vent Again

The need to have a man in one’s life seems desperate to me.  I see that happening with my neighbor who lives above me.  I understand that a woman needs to be loved and appreciated by a man but when a woman is desperate to have a relationship with a man just to have a relationship, I find it not right.  When my neighbor above me met this man on the street while running errands and soon began a relationship with him, I found that a little odd.  When I met this man I diid not feel comfortable with him immediately.  This boyfriend does not seem to get it or does not care about the rules because twice he has stayed here more than 15 days out of a 45-day period and has been asked to abide by the rules and he apologizes and abides by the rules for a day or two and then he is back again.  Is there something wrong with my neighbor’s boyfriend?  It seems no one likes this guy and wishes he would just leave before he gets this neighbor in trouble but it is too late now.  My neighbor has gotten in trouble for not abiding the rules of living here since her boyfriend has been in her life.  I am not sure but I am getting the feeling that my neighbor is desperate for a man to love her but he is verbal abusive to her.  I can here him yelling at her and saying unkind words to her through their floor/my ceiling.  It is sad.  There has been noise disturbances during quiet hours for weeks as well and now I have done something about it.  The management knows what is going on and things do not look good for my neighbor.  I have been told not to blame myself for reporting/complaining because my nights have been interrupted and someone cannot take the blame for her own actions.  I do not feel sorry for my neighbor for getting in trouble with management and continues to do so.  I am not the only one who has complained about my neighbor’s ongoing behavior.  I will not apologize for doing what is right.  I follow the rules of living here and if I have any questions about the rules I always ask the manager.

Is my neighbor being evicted?  I do not know.  She has not abided the rules of living here thanks to her lovely, loud, abusive, and not handsome boyfriend.  If my neighbor is mad at anyone for getting in trouble with management she should be mad at her boyfriend and not her neighbors who have complained and reported.  I have learned that people can put the blame on others and not take responsibility for their own actions.  People who are like that do not need to be in my life and disrupt what happiness I have and drag me down.  All I can do for people like that is pray for their safety, wellbeing, love for God to be strong.  I do not like to speculate but it happens a lot anyway.  If my neighbor is being evicted she will be evicted, and it is her own doing.

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