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I have one errand to run this morning and afternoon.  I always get blood work done every month and this time around I am going do a urine test to make sure that my UTI I had last week has been taken care of for sure.  I get UTIs very often for no known reason.  I just get them.   My nephrologist, Dr. A is such a good doctor as well as his counterpart Dr. S, and I cannot ask for better care.  I feel like a person and not a number or a piece of trash with Dr. A.  When he works with me he looks at me from to bottom, asks questions, and comes into the room knowing what he is going to do before he pulls up my records to share with me what is going on.  I do not feel uncomfortable going to the doctor’s office when I go see Dr. A.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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