Okay…this is so important for me to write right now and this minute.  I cannot express my concern enough when it comes to certain happening around me and NOT always with me.  Since the beginning of April, we have had a man rob a gun store taking several guns with plans on harming public officials and a school.  Because of this scare, at the beginning of the month, we had schools locked down and cancelled the next day because a man has been on the run writing a 160-page manifesto to President Trump on what he plans to do.  Also, knowing that my neighbor’s boyfriend is an abuser and is using the neighbor really bothers me and the manager a lot.  Neither one of us like this guy and we cannot wait until the neighbor is out of here legally (the eviction process).  But the man the neighbor is dating is the least of my worries tonight despite the idea that I am writing down incidences with the neighbor’s noise until next Thursday morning to give to the manager who has court of the 21st regarding the eviction process of my upstairs neighbor who has not obeyed or abided the rules and regulations of living here since she has begun dating this man – so desperate to be loved and to love someone of the opposite sex.

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