Some Relief and Uugghh!

Some Relief

Oh my goodness.  The manhunt for a certain someone from the Janesville, Wisconsin area is OVER!  The hunt for Joseph Jakubowski is indeed over.  Residents do not have to worry about a wanna-be killer being out there now terrorizing citizens in the community any longer.  Yes!  I am glad of that.


Now…the tenant above me just does not seem to care about other people around her…or is it just me she does not care about any longer.  Her boyfriend is still making noise past a certain time of the night – during quiet hours – and I am reporting it by writing it down until Thursday, April 20th for the manager who will be going to court to proceed with the eviction order she had filled earlier this month.  I do not feel sorry for my neighbor because she chooses to disobey the rules of living here now since she has a boyfriend.  If only you could hear him you’d be going crazy trying to get some sleep at night.  I am glad it is almost over and this neighbor will be out of here.  No thanks to her boyfriend the tenant is going to be evicted in order to this man out of the building.  He is nothing but trouble.  UUGGHH1


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