I Am Not So Sure

Okay, I have been to church this morning and returned home to see my neighbor who is in real hot water with management here leaving with her brother and some girl to go out to eat for their Easter get together.  Her lovely boyfriend was sitting in the backseat on the other side while her brother and possible girlfriend were trying to get her in the car.  What a help he turned out to be yacking and flapping his mouth about something that was not distinguishable.  This boyfriend of my neighbor’s is an idiot!  I have not liked him from the moment I met him and now this neighbor is getting evicted?  It is his fault she is getting evicted and she choose him over living here.  I have seen her a few times in the past several weeks and she does not look good at all.  She is not the same neighbor I was once good friend with before her boyfriend got into the picture, and her attitude has changed from one way to another as if she has two personalities.  That is so sad.  I have seen two sides of my neighbor now that I am literally afraid of her just as much as her boyfriend.

Now I know I should be worrying about myself and not worrying about my neighbor as much as I have in the past several weeks but I have good reason to be worried.  I have done everything I could to help my neighbor despite the ties that have separated us for a while now and today I have got to thinking about her family knowing this boyfriend of my neighbor’s.  Do they really know what is going down in a few days?  Do they know he’s abusing her verbally?  Do they know she is being evicted from here because of her boyfriend’s ongoing behavior and noise?  Do they know that he’s been involved with the court system here in Rock County before?  Do they know he’s a sex offender?  Once again, I know it is not my problem and my neighbor has done this to herself, but I am praying for her to see the light that her relationship with this guy is bad, and her time here is short and she could become homeless and not be able to live in another HUD subsidized complex for several years, and what is going to happen Friday, April 21, 2017 will be made record in the court system right along with some closed cases with the boyfriend.  Oh…my goodness gracious.  I do have this feeling that something good will happen out of this but at the same time I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen as well.  Just call me a worry wart because that is the truth.

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