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Even though I have been putting up with an unruly neighbor just as much as my other neighbors have even though my circumstances are a little bit different, I do have to say that I have had a pretty good day all day long. Even though it was Easter Sunday and this weekend has proven to be an Easter weekend of celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection, my day was very good. Yes, I had to put up with noise from the apartment above me all day but now with evening upon us Wisconsin natives it is almost time for bed here.  Every morning before getting going for my day and evening before going to sleep, I find time to be online at Empowr as well as in the afternoon.  With Spring and Summer months coming and going now, I can stay up a little later without feeling so overwhelmed or tired in the morning.  I visit Facebook as often as I can during the morning and evening hours as well. The winter months are now gone for a few months now and my life has picked up some energy and power that seems to get drained during the Fall and Winter months.  Happiness is returning even though right now I am dealing with a problem with a neighbor who seems to think rules do not apply to her and I am just a tenant who is doing her best living a peaceful lifestyle in her home.

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