The First Day of May Thoughts

Another day has begun.  A new month is here.  I am so glad April bowed out and May is finally here.  It has been one of those months I would like to forget in some areas of my life that I have observed.  Things are going to change from this forward again and my life is going to change a little as well starting today as well.  My neighbor above me must move because she is being evicted but I do not know how long she must be out as I have not learned how many days my neighbor should be out and not here anymore.  I am so glad that the manager had won her case against the neighbor because of the problems she has created with her boyfriend.  I do feel bad that my neighbor must move now because of her boyfriend.  If only she would have kicked him out a long time ago.  It is sad because she is disabled and is desperate to have someone love her and any cost apparently.  My neighbor’s attitude has changed from a sweet nature to someone who does not seem to care about anyone or herself.  Her boyfriend is bad news and he is the reason she has been evicted in the first place.  Something about her boyfriend came up when I first met him and after all this time my instincts about this man was spot on.  He has gotten himself in trouble with the law and the court system so many times in the past several years that I cannot count on all my fingers and two thumbs for goodness sakes!  He was arrested a couple of weekends ago for something unrelated to the case my neighbor now has and spent the weekend in jail for something he did not do as directed.  My neighbor’s boyfriend is ill and now my neighbor is ill and not thinking properly.  I guess love can be a stranger sometimes.  Of the times my neighbor’s boyfriend has been here day and night, I would hear him rant and rave, yell and say horrible things to my neighbor and neighbors close by could hear my neighbor crying.   Why couldn’t she just kick him out instead of having to go through an eviction process and be evicted (to be out within so many days)?  That is the sad part of it all.  Her boyfriend was evicted from his apartment somewhere in Broadhead and does not have a place to live himself so he latched onto my neighbor for a place to live and when he is not sleeping in my neighbor’s apartment, he sleeps in a car or truck (his) outside on the side of the street because he is homeless.  Now my neighbor is going to be homeless with him unless her family (brother and mother) get involved and take her back to Illinois without him.  My neighbor’s boyfriend is an idiot and an abuser, and not a law-abiding citizen today or in the past.  What a sad situation for them both now.  All I can do now is wait for my neighbor to be out of here for good and pray that intervention will come into play for my neighbor.


This morning around 9:30 AM I had called the manager regarding the memo the tenants have received this morning as well as asking how long the neighbor has before she is out of here, and the neighbor must be out on Sunday, May 7, 2017.  I can only imagine the quietness around me right now but I will need to wait for six more days for the quiet.  The memo is another wonderful story I would love to rant and rave about.  No, I am not mad or upset about the memo at all but I do have to say I am surprised.  All because of my neighbor’s actions and attitude about the rules of living here we tenants cannot have any overnight guests unless it is approved by management and in writing.  All because of one person spoiling it for everyone else we (as) tenants have a new rule to follow living here or we can get evicted.  It is about time that this rule is going to be strictly enforced and monitored carefully.  It reminds me too much about grade school students having to stay inside for recess on a beautiful day because of one student’s behavior, and believe me I have experienced this a time or two growing up.  It only takes one person to spoil something that really matters to others.  What my neighbor has done was spoil it for the rest of us who live here who do abide by the rules of living here.  I do not have anyone spend the night at my home anymore anyway.  I am going to be 47 years old in July and I have not slept over at anyone’s place for a few years already and I love my space and privacy of living here alone with Bing Crosby the cat.  I have had my own experience of sleepovers that have gone awry a couple of years ago and have vowed that I was not going to have horrible experiences in sleepovers again.


Six day from now it will be quiet at night and I will sleep peacefully at night again without being interrupted during the night with dragging and dropping of things.  That is indeed something to look forward to once the new week begins in six days.  I have emailed and talked to MM, my representative at IDS this afternoon between 4 PM and 5 PM (I did not look at the time when she called) and we chatted about the email and two appointments coming up in the summer months (June and July).  After we got everything straightened out about my two upcoming appointments this summer I went back to my TV watching for a while until a little after 7:15 PM to head to my bedroom for the rest of the night.  For the past two to three weeks (I do not remember exactly when I began this routine) I have decided to head to my bedroom before 8 PM and work on my computer there before going to bed and sleep.  I am doing my best at getting myself back on a regimen (or pattern) at night so I have time to myself.  I do not know exactly why I have decided to start this but I have gotten fed up with hearing my upstairs neighbor’s boyfriend berate her and yell.  When he dragged, and dropped things in the apartment.  The noise was horrible and just downright rude.


Well, anyway, I did do some reading today, took care of important matters that needed my attention, watched some recorded TV shows, and relaxed with Bing Crosby the Cat.  I had gotten a visitor, a neighbor, HC, this afternoon for a few minutes.  HC, who has the nickname “Mr. Pickles dropped by a jar of pickled eggs for me to try.  If I do not like them, I can return the eggs to him, and yet if I like them, he is not charging me for the eggs this time around.  I have never had pickled eggs before and if I have, I cannot recall or remember.  I am going to be brave and try a pickled egg this week.  Am I brave enough?  We shall see.  The jar is on my kitchen table right now.  Hmm?  Tomorrow…maybe?


Well, diary, it is getting late and bedtime is looming right on ahead.  I have been seriously thinking about some things that require some changes (more changes) in my own life.  I have found something on Empowr a few moments ago that talks about not caring what others think or say and that I know who I am, and no one can change me but myself.  Hmm?  I am going to have retrieve that tomorrow sometime on my daily excursion and time on line at “work” when I have time after my shower gal leaves in the morning.

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