Got Out

Today was very good.  I cannot argue how it went…or could I?  Nah, I am not going to argue or complain today.  Today was (actually) fun.  Not only did I have services with IDS (Independent Disabilities Services), I went to see the movie The Circle.  Oh my goodness, it was awesome and brilliant if you really social media and sharing your life with the world.  I have mixed feelings about it but I do have to admit that the movie was amazing.  The Circle has given me a different aspect of social media that I have either not understood fully or the idea of social media being more public because the internet can show secrets and skeletons in your closet if you are not careful.  The idea of having cameras in your home, apartment, or condo recording your every move, social activity online and offline, and others being able post their thoughts to you in a good or not so good manner brings caution to the mind.  Not only does that someone cautious knowing they are being watched but it can be an invasion of privacy.  Do you want someone in your private affairs?  If you are, what Mae Holland (played by Emma Watson) stated “going transparent”, willing to share your life the world, go for it, and remember that things will go viral.


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