Getting Back on Track?

I feel I have not written for ages since I last wrote in my journal or diary but I wrote a couple of days ago.  I feel so far behind…very far behind.  It is not the idea of writing a journal or diary entry every day bothers me so much…the time to write in my diary escapes me because I am working on other things as well.  Today is Sabbath and I have gone to church and I always enjoy going to church.  The idea of missing church on Saturday (Sabbath) bothers me to the core.  I hate missing church.  We have some real good speakers in our church and I enjoy hearing the sermons.  I like GH, TB (female), BM, JC, and Pastor V when they speak.  I ALWAYS get something out of their sermons…always.

Things are about to change this next week.  I cannot really go into detail about it at the moment but I do know that someone is moving out and will be completely gone by the end of the week for sure.  Yes, my neighbor who lives above me is moving out because she has been evicted from here due to her boyfriend and allowing her “man” to cause problems here for me and other tenants. We are glad to see him gone for sure although we all have mixed feelings about our neighbor leaving.  So…quietness is coming around the corner very soon.  That’ll be great.



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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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