Mixed Feelings

Despite my journaling/writing in a diary, and other things going on online, I must and should admit that I still feel so far behind in writing.  Maybe so because I am far behind in writing.  I do love writing in my journal/diary daily but other things have been coming ahead first now-a-days.  I kind of have a job now.  It is online and at Empowr.com and I can get revenue every day to post, like, comment, and advertise there and yet I have not been able to advertise anything yet but I have been there since March 21, 2017 and I love it there.

There is still drama going on here at Burbank Plaza Apartment Complex.  The neighbor who has yet not left the building yet.  Today is her last day, given by the sheriff who came to talk to her on Monday.  It has been a riot around here … the type of riot that is not a good one.  I believe most riots are problems waiting to happen.  Sometimes I wish that people would just take their medicine and move n in life without disrupting others or being disruptive period.  Ever since my soon to be gone neighbor – tonight is her last night here – has met her boyfriend there has been nothing but problems, attitude, and behavior from her.  She has taken great strides to do what she has done to herself and now she has become very unlikeable person to many of us here at Burbank Plaza.  I will not be surprised if a sheriff is here tomorrow to get RS and her boyfriend DB off the property for good.  I am not a very happy person right now. I have mixed feelings.

I am heading to bed now.  Good night,

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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