There is Peace Coming Again

I think I am going to have a good night.  My neighbor above me will be gone with her boyfriend for good.  I have heard some yelling between my “soon to be gone” neighbor’s boyfriend DB and the manager outside.  I went to see if she was okay but she was not there but a sheriff from the county.  Honestly, my neighbor left things to the last minute to move out.  She has become disrespectful to certain people (me, the manager, and anyone who has been disliking her boyfriend DB).  From 2012 to the present day, my neighbor has changed and does not even look good and healthy.  She has chosen the life she wants to live with her boyfriend now and the consequences have caused her to be evicted from this place.  After today we no longer need to deal with her.  What happens to her now can only be done through prayer and from what I understand many tenants have done their best to tell her that her boyfriend was bad news.  When her boyfriend came into her life she changed and what friendship I had with her is now only memories that have become painful to remember.  I have been hurt and I am glad she is going to be gone from here today for good.  It has been a rocky few weeks.  Now I can sit here at home and recover from all the insults I have received and had to deal with.

I was talking to one of my neighbors I can trust and RS (the gone neighbor now) had called me “that thing” or something “thing”.   Okay, I chuckled at the idea and told my neighbor had some choice words for RS as well but they were much worse than me being called “thing”.  What RS did the past few weeks to lead up to her eviction and troubles that come to today’s fiasco with the sheriff was all her doing and she did it to herself.  RS is one person who does not take responsibility for her actions, words, and she blames everything on everyone else.  I do not know what you would call a person who acts like RS acts but it is, to me, spoiled, and her boyfriend had conditioned her to believe him about anything he says is true.  Abuse.  The manager believes RS has been brainwashed.  If only she got rid of her boyfriend she would have been able to continue living here.  Some people do not understand the consequences apparently and she was one of them.  Now that RS and her boyfriend DB are gone from this place, RS will see that DB is not a good man after all.

This afternoon, DB was able to come and get some more of RS’ stuff out of the apartment but he was locked out after a certain time.  While my shower gal was here this evening, we heard something break (glass) outside.  DB broke something of RS’s.  Later in the packing RS’s stuff in the truck, I heard something else break (more glass).  DB going to have some explaining to do or he won’t say anything that will upset her terribly by how he says things.  He’s abusive and is very convincing once his mouth opens.  Judge Judy would have a wonderful time telling him what she thinks of him and that he belongs in prison or jail away from others.  Now that is a dream that will never happen in real life.  Maybe now I can breathe normally and feel comfortable again while out and about in the building.  I will have to wait and see.  I am still recovering from all the incidents that happened.  I have to wait and see what happens.

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