I believe scars can give you character.  It shows that you have gone through something in life that may have been unpleasant for a while and later come out on top victorious.  It is a race where the finish line has been reached and we can move on to another chapter of our lives.  Scars does not show that damage has ruined you but has held you together in your worst moment or moments in life.  I have many scars that are from battles I have either defeated or have continued to fight throughout my lifetime this far.  I do not consider a person or animal with scars damaged.  I considered a person or animal a warrior, a fighter, a victor, or a soldier when they show scars from a battle of some kind.  I believe in God and his Son Jesus has scars from his crucifixion so long ago.  Those scars cannot add up to all the scars I have throughout the years because Jesus’ scars are proof that he loves us all (sinners).  I am a sinner.

I understand that I have wounds in my inner being that are beginning to heal and the idea of those wounds becoming scars is something I have not really thought about yet.  Once the wounds heal, I am going to be happy they have become scars to show that I have gone through something and have been victorious at not giving up.  I have gotten this far with many inner wounds and I will continue to walk on ahead in life with my head held high and continue to fight the best I can.  I am so glad, after what has happened here for six months, that the healing process has begun.  Am I scarred for life?  No, I am not, unless I continue to relive what has made the wound in the first place.  Scars are scars no matter if they are visible in nature or invisible (inner) and scars tell a story about a life that was lived.  Everyone has a war they are fighting.  We are all soldiers in one way or another.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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