When it Rains, It Pours

I believe everyone has heard this phrase “When it rains, it pours” many times.   I know I have a lot when I was younger and did not understand this phrase until I was a teenager and young adult.  Now, at my age, I hear this phrase all the time among others who are in my age group and not so young.  I take this phrase seriously because when something happens in life things continue to happen until things are resolved.  Okay, here is a good example, and an experience I have already shared in recent thoughts to others.  Where I live many tenants (including myself), the manager, and some outside officials have dealt with a tenant and her boyfriend until the tenant was evicted.  I believe the manager was doing here best to show the tenant what was going on, why she was getting in trouble, and who were complaining.  It was not only me complaining but I ended up getting the brunt of all the stuff going on because I lived underneath the tenant who got in trouble and later evicted with her unauthorized live-in boyfriend.  With that situation taken care of, I have run into another situation that just frustrates me to no end.  Now, for the past couple of days I learned that my PCST screen for cares has not been unlocked for the company that is taking care of me now.  The company, which will remain private has had trouble billing my MA because during the changes for cares, health care changed last July, and the company went from one name to another, and had this problem for 7 months before telling me that they had to discharge me because they were not getting billed.  They were the ones who had changed their name to another in midstream and did not catch me, and they have had my PCST screen still under them.  It was their fault and they did not catch it.  Now, the past couple of days the company cannot figure out why they cannot unlock my screen and need to get help from someone who knows how to help them so my present home health care can bill MA to get paid.  UUGGHH!  I just got done shedding tears because I am healing from what happened here for 6 months.  When it rains, it pours.


Remember yesterday when I posted that it was raining and then I decided to get my postings, sharing, and likes done before it got bad?  Well, we had a doozy of a storm here and down the street and other parts of the city had down trees, electrical wiring, and someone who lives down the street on the same street I do had no internet when I did.  Well, when it stormed yesterday in the afternoon and evening it sure did storm!  The rain was coming down hard and it looked like a white but see through curtain on the outside of my living room window.   It was amazing!  The wind was wicked, too.  Did we have a tornado?  Not quite sure but could have.  When it rained, it poured last night!


As far as storms are concerned, I do not like them … I do not like being out in them.  I’d rather be indoors away from them as much as possible.  The storms I have in my life personally, I do not like them either, and I call my personal storms “the storms of life” and believe me, I have fared many of them just as much as I have fared (more) storms of Mother Nature.  The storms of life are storms I have dealt with as long as I can remember as a child.  Just the like storms of weather, the storms of life can be similar in the mind of those who are dealing with them.  No way I am a storm chaser.  I am a coward.  I give credit to those who love to chase and calculate storms and tornadoes.  In fact, I do love the movie Helen Hunt in.  That interested me.


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