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May 28, 2017

Good evening and wow to the month being only three days left after today.  It is amazing how fast May has come and gone.  The idea of another month going by so quickly is beyond comprehension right now and definitely a big surprise.  I guess when the fear and stress of your life has passed on by and a breath can be taken without drama or feeling so much emotion at once has been lessened, life does take on a different meaning sometimes.  I have become happy again, sleeping well, and haven’t given up entirely on finding happiness again.  I am very happy that the troubles have been taking care of.  Now I can focus on better things than the constant worries of what was happening in the apartment one floor above me anymore.  The month of May started out very badly but has ended, even though there is three days left, well.

Time has come for me to say good night.  I have had my evening shower at 6:30 PM, and now I am ready for bed.  It was a nice day after a early morning thunderstorm, and time seems to go by very quickly right this minute.  Time has it limit through the day but it does not seem to be enough time to do much of anything as today has been a very relaxing day all day long from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM.  The past 12 hours have gone by very quickly.  I have talked to my mom this afternoon and she is doing great.  She is very busy doing projects in painting, quilting, reading, and watching wonderful old-time movies and TV shows on Netflix.  I am, on the other hand, have been busy doing nothing much today except watching TV, reading, and being online at Empowr most of the day until my shower gal came and went.  Now I have the evening to myself.

Tomorrow with it being Memorial Day, a holiday observed, I will not get any services until Tuesday morning.  I am looking forward to the little break from services but I have made a commitment last week to go to our indoor picnic here at Burbank Plaza.  I have been going back and forth about going or not going for the past several hours but I am not going to let my emotions of what happened for six months cloud my happiness when I can help it.  RS and her boyfriend are no longer here and she can no longer attract fear in me or should.  Yes, RS has indeed brought out fear in me.  Now that she is gone, she is not going to be here anymore.  She needs to take care of herself and see what she has gotten herself into now practically alone since no one likes her boyfriend DB.  I am GLAD they are both gone but I will not stop praying for her safety any time soon.  My emotions can still rise raw and biting when I talk about RS because our friendship has been gone for so long now and I have been hurt badly over what happened.  Moving on in life is a slow but steady process.

As my day closes to an end, I am going to say good night and God bless, and come back another day.  I hope everyone else is doing fine this day.  May God bless you all and keep you safe this holiday weekend.

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