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The holiday weekend is over now.  Tomorrow we begin a new work week.  Even though I do not work outside or inside the home, I do have things I need to do that is considered work in my life. I do get online every day to see what is happening at Empowr to earn revenue every day but the revenue I have earned so far goes to the ads and platform I am using to establish a revenue amount each day. If I wanted to cash out right now, I could cash out $1.75 that I have been able to make in the three months I have been there so far but I have decided to wait to make my cash out bigger if I can.  I am not giving up on Empowr yet (never).  Empowr makes me happy and something I look forward to daily.

Tomorrow my services with IDS and Santee Home Health Care resumes and so begins my week of activities and I have one appointment on the 31st.  With my kidney transplant, even after 29 years and my kidney is slowly failing, I still need to get labs drawn each month to check my labs to see how things are going for me and to see if I need to begin dialysis at the dialysis center.  I do not mind getting labs done but it can get a little flustered about it at times to this very day.  It is not a fun task to do but it is something I must make sure things are going smoothly for the doctors in my care.  With kidney failure, my health is not to played with at any given time.  I have been neglectful in the past but I am not being neglectful ever again as far as my kidney health is concerned.  When June finally arrives, I will play out my days as they come.  I just know that I have grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry tomorrow, an appointment Wednesday, and then the rest of the week is pretty much home unless my friend DK and I go out to eat at World Buffet Thursday for lunch.  That is not in the plans for sure but what is in the plans this week will not be poo pooed.

It is time for me to say good night.  Tomorrow will come soon enough.  Time for bed.

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