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I fully understand that politics have made a great big stir of the pot these past few months.  I also understand that some people do not like Donald Trump as President of the United States.  I see the backstabbing, hatred, and cruelty all over social media.  No matter who the President of United States is going to be not everyone is going to be happy.  Outside social media I have heard it so many times from tenants who live in the building.  We are divided about all that is happening in the United States right now and it is very sad to see.  As a Christian I do my best to poo poo it off as one’s opinion and continue doing what I need to do in my life without getting stressed out again.  I know that politics is something many people get stressed about.  To be very honest here, have we not been divided since the beginning of time, and because of the growing of times, ages, and days, things are going to get worse before Jesus returns.  What I am trying to say, without giving my opinion, is that we are in the end times right now.  Jesus is going to return soon and we do not know the day, time, or hour he is going to return. The second coming of Jesus gets closer every day.  We are always on different sides (like a debate) and we get heated when we do not like what the other side is saying and telling us.  It makes my heart sing a sad tune and no one wants to hear me sing because I am not a good singer.  I wish for peace, kindness, and understanding among others.  This hatred among people because of religion, politics, sex orientation, race, and power has gotten so bad it is growing like a weed.  I do have to admit that my hatred towards my (now former) neighbor had grown to a great height before I let the hatred simmer down to where I could pray for her again, as I have learned that I have hatred deep down in my soul just like many others. Hate is something I want to get rid of if I could.  We need to be more respectful.

Now that I have spoken my mind about politics – one of the toughest subjects to talk about, I can now move on.  This has been on my mind for several months now – since the debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took place.  I have watched the news after the debates but never watched the debates themselves because I had other personal matters to worry about and my anxiety was already heightened from problems I was enduring here in the building I was living in.  My opinion about Hillary Clinton is not a pleasant opinion of sorts but I do not dislike her as a person or a Democrat.  She is just another person who was in the limelight politically and did what she did when she did.  As for Donald Trump, I hope, as a human being, liked or not liked, can survive the first four years as President of the United States, and he will do his best like all the Presidents before him who were liked or not liked just like him.  I have never been so politically inclined in my life but when Trump became President I decided to stand up and take a stand in what I believe in more and go on in my life as I have always done before but stay in the loop politically.  Seeing Donald Trump disliked so much and many people rallying about to get him out of office appalls me to no end.  For the past eight years, when Obama was in office, I could see the hatred grow from very small to very big, and my feelings toward that was building up fear for my safety, health, and understanding of what the anti-Christ could be doing to deceive us Christians into oblivion and take us away from our Christian roots and love for Jesus.   I am worried about Trump in office but I am developing an understanding about the man who I once understood as a very rich and powerful man.  I never watched The Apprentice and never really wanted to but wish I did now.  I also wish that people would step down from their hatred and give Donald Trump a chance because from what I have seen and watched so far, he is not going to back down despite the hatred towards him.  Let him live and learn to see if politics as President is right for him after all.  If it is not for him, he will not make it for a second term, and I am not saying he won’t either.


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