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I am sitting in my bedroom early tonight because watching TV and reading was enough. I am doing okay but I was hoping to get to bed early so tomorrow night I can go to bed early and get up early for my appointment Friday morning. But I don’t think it will work out the way I have planned. I will get off the computer around 8 o’clock and go from there.

I just wanted to say that the past couple days, yesterday and today have been wonderful except for the hot weather. Summer is definitely here now and I’m going to have to deal with it. I am a little bit nervous about Friday but I do have my parents, from Arkansas, coming to support me at my meetings to see if I’m a candidate for a second transplant. They will be there for me from the beginning to the end. My parents are not in Arkansas right now; they are visiting my sister in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until the 27th of June. That is why I asked them when they were heading back to Arkansas for the rest of the summer. I was hoping that they could be here for me for my appointment on Friday. I am grateful for that.

There comes a time in life that a new road will be taken or we just move on head on the road that we are already on. I have been walking this world of my life for very long time and have come across different walks of life with people. I have seen and heard about many cultures, people, and places. Whenever there is a fork in the road I find that a decision is to be made. When this happens, I do my best in helping myself by going to the right people so the decision I make is the best one. On June 16th, I will find out if I’m a good candidate for another transplant. My kidney after 29 years, my first transplant, is failing/ getting old. My first donor was my mother. If I am a good candidate for second transplant I will be put on the list for a transplant and I can find another living donor.

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