Happy Fourth of July

My birthday done and gone for another year, I am glad to see that July 4, 2017 has arrived.  A holiday observed by many with fireworks, grilling, BBQ’s, city night of fireworks set up by the authorities of the city, and getting together with friends and family.  I am sitting here at home making my own 4th of July celebration with Bing Crosby the Cat.  No visitors, no family and friends gathering at my place, no grilling or BBQ’s at my place this year.  No, I am not being a party pooper or party goer today.  I am just want to have the day to myself for the most part except for my personal cares later this afternoon.  With tenants in the building coming and going to their respectable places this very day I have vied to stay home and enjoy watching Law & Order most of the day, then found that the Twilight Saga was on this week on Freeform and I have decided to record the saga to watch on a later day.  Otherwise my TV is off or on Pandora music of choice of the moment.  I just want a quiet day and evening knowing that neighbors in the neighborhood will doing their personal fireworks when it gets darker out and many people are going to the city-wide fireworks show at one of our parks not far from here.  I am going to stay home to read and enjoy my day at home without worries.  I have begun to read the book by Dave Eggars “The Circle” despite the reviews of the movie which I have seen at the movie theater when it first came out with DK.  I have decided to buy the book yesterday to finish reading after reading a free sample.

I am going to go now and BOLO for any neighbors shooting off fireworks now.  I would like to say good night and God bless, come back tomorrow, and get back to social media for a while before retiring for the night.  Good night!

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